hey… remember us?!

Hey all – I know we have been off the radar for a while, but I promise it was worth it. I’m sitting in Studio 154, listening to the latest (and hopefully final) guitar tracks for our first EP. It’s pretty awesome, I must admit.

Ok, so what’s next?

Well, as far as today goes – first I’ll finish this pint and then I think we are going to bang out some acoustic stuff while we are here in the studio. I’d hate to waste Bob’s time (our incredible sound engineer). We have a bunch of new material, so who knows what we are going to track. You’ll just have to wait and see… 😉

Moving forward:

I know we’ve been teasing for a couple of months with “new shows”, but I promise it’s not a false front. We’ve had a couple of things lined up that actually fell through (out of our control). As I type, we have a couple of shows lining up that we are just confirming – so stay tuned.

Once this recording thing is all done (which admittedly has taken ten times longer than we hoped) we are going to be back full-force in everyone’s face.

Building James is ready to give the seacoast a rock & roll ass-kicking… with a new record in hand!

Cheers everyone!

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